Powerful digital support to put you at the forefront

Closing deals faster and more efficiently in today’s fast paced market. Our wide array of Digital Tools and latest initiatives rolled out, headed by a strong IT team has helped increased the efficiency and productivity of thousands of PropNex salespersons. With numerous powerful functions and powerful tools, updated constantly in line with today's rapid digital change, EVERY PropNex salesperson is EQUIPPED WITH THE BEST tools to guide their clients in their investment journey.

Personal Assistant (PA) App

The ONLY APP you need as a Winning Real Estate Salesperson. Check out these amazing features

  • PA App – Dotcom
  • PA App – Automate Project Listings & Postings
  • PA App – LIVE Project Info
  • PA App - Calculators
  • PA App – CHOPE Team marketing
  • PA App – SPOT
  • PA App – Watch+
  • PA App – Virtual Open House Booking
  • PA App – Handover Reports
  • Projects

  • Chope

  • SPOT

  • DotCom

  • Handover Report

  • Calculator

  • Bundle

  • Open House

  • Watch+

  • Spot Resale

  • Set GTA