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Few months ago, he assisted both me and my husband in selling and buying of our property. Mr Anuar came knocking on our door on one evening during the heat of our estate MOP period. He wasn't the first agent from PropNex or other agencies who came by but his first approach was very commendable.He is not one of those aggresive agents. He was soft spoken and he asked me for my hubby mobile number since the later was out for work. He tell me he would contact my hubby to make appointment so he can come again. Which he did.Mr Anuar, showed us in details of how the procedures and what the calculations on our house sale tentatively. His calculations was correct. 

He is a good agent, he creates a good rapport with us and our kids.There was a glitch in the midst of it but your agent was very patient and helpful. He even assisted us and even our sellers, till the end of our buying process with HDB.He listens to our needs for a new home. He gave us good advice in between to remind us on the main reason for our selling and buying. To save money for our retirement, that is.This was our 1st time selling and buying a home but our experience with him was a very good and a meaningful one. 

We wished him all the best in his future endeavours.

Ayu & Rashed

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Without any doubt, will recommend Daphne Phua if anyone is looking for a trustworthy property agent.

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Our best references strong recommendations to all international and local current and future clients of Mrs. Angela Ng.

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