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I want to commend your highly dedicated, resourceful and powerful negotiator, Mr Lawrence Poh (R028125I) for his miraculous work leading to the sale of my flat.Here is my testimonial as follows:

“There are many talented and creative housing consultants and they are a dime a dozen. The distinctive that Lawrence brings to the table is not just his powerful negotiation skills, but his tenacity and strength of character. Where most others would have given up, Lawrence hung in there for me through very tough conditions to help me close the sale of the flat. If you need a miracle worker, look no further.

The conditions facing the sale of my property were already very unfavourable at the beginning. It had a remaining lease of less than 60 years and I had purchased the flat at the peak of the property market boom so it was a negative sale at best.


Undaunted, Lawrence and his wife, Sok Hoon set about to transform the flat. From a messy, dusty apartment, Lawrence turned it into a showflat. It looked even better than the time when it was newly renovated!

Room by room, Lawrence used the existing furniture that I owned and turned each room into a warm and cosy habitat. Every room became a selling point. It was so appealing that I almost reconsidered selling it!

Lawrence connects easily with people and every potential buyer that viewed the flat fell instantly in love with it, some even requesting a second viewing.

Lawrence gives his best at every viewing, at one time staying past midnight when the potential buyers asked to bring their entire family over to view the flat. Lawrence was able to get all of them to fall in love with the flat twice over. It wasn’t long before we received our first offer that night.

At the end, in spite of the reality facing this sale process, we were able to sell the the flat well above the last transacted price in less than a week. Lawrence is truly a miracle worker. ??”

The work ethics provided by Mr Poh have deepened my faith in the professionalism and integrity of every agent in Propnex. Mr Ismail, you have found yourself a loyal customer to Propnex in me!


Mr Daniel Sia

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