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Xinyi has been my real estate agent throughout my 12 years of residency in Singapore. My first 3 years in Singapore I was a renter. I went through very tumulus time with real estate agents and landlords in my first 2 years of renting in Singapore, having to deal with unhelpful and often uncontactable agents on top of self-serving landlords. It was the period of rental price surge and as a result, a real estate agent surge as well who provided substandard services. Then in my 3rd year in Singapore I engaged Xinyi’s services when my roommates and I were looking for an apartment to rent in the East. It was the first time I found the entire process to be smooth. Xinyi smoothed out any issues that arose and was clear about her stand on representing our interest. She was completely transparent and was always present for our needs. This was a complete opposite to my previous experiences with other real estate agents. She was definitely a breath of fresh air in time of difficult real estate market for renters. 

In 2010 I decided to purchase a property in Singapore. The decision was clear to me to engage Xinyi to find me the right property. She did not disappoint. She gave me objective recommendations to enable me to make an educated decision. I chose the development I wanted to purchase but there was no unit available for sale. Xinyi made extraneous efforts to find the owners of all if not most of the units in the development to scout for one that was available for sale. She finally found two for me to choose. When the choice was made and offer accepted, the sale was completed without a hitch to Xinyi’s credit. From there on she has been the only real estate agent managing the rental of the property until now. I would only trust her for any of my real estate needs.I would recommend her ten times over. She is detail oriented, thorough and possesses unwavering integrity that is rare to find. Because of her professionalism, I can spend my time on other important things.



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