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What makes a good real estate agent?

#1: An agent who cares

Our encounter with Terrance was unplanned. We saw a unit that looked promising and scheduled a visit. Out of the 3 agents we met on that day, Terrance was the friendliest and asked if we needed someone to sell our house too. He was prompt in following up and answering our questions.  We did some googling and saw he was actively promoting units under him on social media, which assured us that he is reaching out effectively to potential buyers.

#2: Someone who is efficient and delivers

Shortly after we signed an exclusive agent agreement.

On the same night Terrance posted our unit on various channels and prepared a timeline for us to ensure we have a good overview. Just after 2 weeks our unit was sold at our desired price. How’s that for speed?

#3: Provides timely solutions

Like most families, we encountered some “heart stopping”, critical moments during the complex buying and selling process. While Terrance was not helping with purchase of our new unit, he provided suggestions along the way. He also contacted other parties to ensure we are on track. Now, that's service above and beyond.

The first step to a successful sale or purchase starts with a good agent. We are glad to have met Terrance, and are confident you’ll have a pleasant experience with him too! 

Ms Joyce

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Associate Group Director
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