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I recently purchased a unit at Parc Esta but the joy derived from this purchase goes beyond the prospect of living in a new condominium and the possession of a new asset. My property agent from Propnex has been instrumental in heightening the satisfaction of this whole experience, one that is potentially stressful. This is made possible only with Mr Lawrence Khoo for he has amalgamated a high level of professionalism with a very human touch warmed with tact, sensitivity and sincerity.

Lawrence’s knowledge of the property market and its related matters is unquestionable. Most importantly, however, he is able to clearly articulate them with clarity to a layman and a first-time buyer like me. He pegs the relevant information at a level that is easily comprehensible without compromising the quality. Not only that, he also calibrates the amount of information to dispense such that it does not overwhelm. Under no circumstances did he exhibit any sign of impatience in his explanations, not even during the frequent messaging via Whatsapp when my anxiety was escalating. With more sensitive but critical information that he needs to know, Lawrence’s tact and sensitivity mitigated the pressure and the anxiety as he provides the space and respect in his interactions.

As a property agent with perspective and empathy, Lawrence is always prompt and timely with his professional advice. Before the balloting exercise for Parc Esta, he took me through the administrative process and allowed me to have a glimpse of the big picture and have an understanding of what to anticipate both mentally and emotionally – right down to the nitty gritty but necessary details to ensure my preparedness and physical comfort. I am grateful to Lawrence for his thoughtfulness and also his calm demeanour and presence on the day of the purchase when 179 numbers were called before mine finally came.

There is also no doubt that Lawrence is a responsible agent who goes beyond the call of his duty. Even after the sales transaction, his presence was dominant as he meticulously followed up with the necessary paper work and ensured a smooth transition administratively with his assistance and advice on legal and loan matters. Furthermore, at one point, when he heard that I was not in the pink, he brought cheer and showed care and concern with his visit and a sunshiny bouquet of flowers. 

Lawrence has truly enhanced my recent property-buying experience through his value-added professional service. Not only does he espouse the core values of Propnex, he has given a human face to an organization.

Boon Siang

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