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Ming Joo was the exclusive agent for my father, Eric Ho. My dad had owned a HDB mansionette in Bukit Batok, which was closed to 34 years. He needed to sell his mansionette at a good price so that he has sufficient returns to renovate his new BTO flat. My dad was concerned that the house would not command a good price as his location was not near the Central and approaching the critical 35years mark whereby there would be limited interest from buyers. Ming Joo was both professional and exceptional in his service by:

A. He make a detailed analysis and comparison of all existing flats that were on sales and recommended progressive pricing for the houses to "test" the responses of buyers.

B. He is IT Savvy and used 360 degree video taking to protray the strong points of the house so as to give an edge towards other listings.

C. He was patient and never pushy for my dad to close the deal. When there were offers that did not meet my dad's expectations, he would recommend him to hold and keep a lookout for other offers as he is aware we were not in a hurry to sell. He put the interest of the seller as priority instead of trying to quickly close the deal.

D. With his detailed and well captured videos, my dad's  had managed to obtained several offer within a short period of time. And it was sold within a month. Interestingly, my dad's neighbor house which was of comparable condition was still trying to sell after several months. Good job Ming Joo.

E. Today, even after the sales.was completed, Ming Joo still goes the extra miles to check back with the buyer for my dad's letters that were still sent to them. He had really gone the extra miles and treated my dad as a friend, not just a customer.

Last week, it was my turn. I had wanted to shift to a new place near my children's school. However, I was concerned about my financial status and if it was a wise move. Again, Ming Joo had provided superb service:

A. Upon knowing my financial concerns, Ming Joo quickly got the necessary information from me and did a quick calculation and brief me on the possibilities within hours. He was then quick to follow up with a coffee  meet-up to share with me further details and answer any queries that I had. He knew I was impatient to know the answer but he quickly address them even though he was busy that week.

B. after I had identified the house that I desired, I had wanted to offer a price that was much lower that the seller's asking price but higher than SRX value. As the value was lower, the buyer's agent had tried varying ways to make us push up the price. however, Ming Joo had given us professional advice and told us to stand firm and not get threatened by other agent's tactics. True enough, he eventually get the seller's agent to agree on the price that we had wanted. As he was afraid that the seller would change his mind, he flew to my house within half hour and got the cheque from me. After that, he waited for close to 2 hours at the seller's house void deck to get the signed OTP from the seller's agent. Through the whole process, there was never a single complaint from Ming Joo.

With the five star service provided by Ming Joo, I definitely would not hesitate to recommend my friends and relatives to him. In fact, my uncle would be engaging home shortly to sell his house too. Ming Joo is an exceptional agent and definitely an asset to your organization. I wish him and Propnex all the best and have a good 2019.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Ho  and Eric Ho

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