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It was by chance that I came across Jennifer Lee when I was asking around for a recommendation. I had never had a very good opinion of property agents throughout my life, but she has changed my opinion. 

She would patiently provide the information I was querying about, and diligently take notes on my requirements. She explained the timeline of the HDB resale process in great detail, and kept me in the loop of things at all times. Jennifer brought me to see many houses that matched my requirements. She also offered her advice on reconsidering certain requirements that I have.

It was a long and arduous journey for the purchase of the house I loved, as the seller was a very difficult person. The seller had requirements that do not conform to the natural time cycle and, despite having signed on the OTP, even threatened to back out of the deal if her specific conditions were not met. The seller, at a later stage, also requested to postpone the sale.

Suffice to say, Jennifer can be assertive when she needs to be, and with that, she helped me through a very draggy and tense period of negotiation. She calmed me down and explained to me all of the possible scenarios based on the choices I were to make. Her high level of commitment is evident, even meeting the seller at 2300hrs for me.

One would think that the completion of sale would be the end of contact. But for Jennifer, even after this sale was concluded, there would be numerous instances where I would message her for advice as a new homeowner, and she was still always ready to offer advice and tips. She has earned my trust fully and we have also become friends.

She had completely won me over, and instilled in me the belief that there are property agents who work not just for money, but job fulfillment. And truly take pride in their profession.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who comes to me for recommendation.

Jennifer, you are one in a billion



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