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I like to compliment Mr Thomas Sim  (R046987H) for his consistent utmost professionalism. Thomas is a highly reliable and responsible property agent, if not the best that I've come across. During our first encounter, he impressed upon me as a determined and humble agent who does his research diligently. His approachable and trustworthy disposition eventually made him the sole candidate whenever my relatives and I carry out property transactions. For example, in the recent lease of my unit, I was picky with tenant selection but Thomas remained very patient, understanding and committed. Two days before his overseas trip, he conducted a viewing and within the next day, settled all the documents and contract for me till midnighf before packing for his trip just hours later. During the purchase of my condo, he also scanned and analysed multiple choices for me patiently and doubtlessly, handled all the paperwork perfectly.

On one occasion, my tenant was late in payment and uncontactable. He volunteered to visit my unit but unknown to me, his wife was actually in labour as he was messaging me. This is his level of commitment and professionalism! I was definitely embarrassed to have disturbed him at that time but was concurrently awed by his dedication to his job and clients. Usual agents would have become uncontactable after commission has been received. He continued liaising with the tenant regarding payments and checked on the condition of my unit proactively without me having to request.

His high credibility definitely honours his mentors and Propnex too. His work ethnics says alot about Propnex and I hope his team leaders will award him the recognition and compliments he deserve. I believe his awesome attitude and pride in his work will bring him and his team to greater heights in future. 


Mr & Mrs Choo

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