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PropNex Entrepreneur credits award to family and partners
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Latest Property Real Estate News - Published on 24/10/2008
Awards are but by-products of an individual’s passionate drive for excellence. That is the view held by Mohamed Ismail, one of 17 recipients of the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises’ (ASME) Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2008, and the Top Entrepreneur for eCommerce.
The EYA for eCommerce reflected P&N Holdings’ compelling strategic approach to the use of Internet platforms and the successful implementation of this strategy.
“Naturally I am very honoured and happy to have been selected as a winner,” says Mohd Ismail, PropNex CEO, “but this award is really the result of my dedication to add value to peoples’ lives in whatever I do. We’re all winners tonight and I congratulate my fellow recipients on their achievements and success, regardless of whether they received a category award.”
Becoming an ASME Entrepreneur of the Year is not easy, and Ismail readily attests to that. “One of the greatest challenges any entrepreneur faces is finding partners who are not just capable, but who share similar values and who want to achieve a common dream. That is why I take the effort to teach and mentor the next generation.”
Mohd Ismail makes it a point to credit his award to his family and his partners, Alan Lim and Joseph Lee, as well as to his senior management and partners.
 “Winning the ASME Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 award is not just a proud moment for me,” says Ismail, “but for my company P&N Holdings as well. This award is a testimony to their support of my efforts over the years.”
Mohd Ismail is also careful to dismiss any thoughts of resting after receiving the award. “Winning the Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 is not the culmination of a journey; rather, it is the end of the beginning of my journey to build up a successful and visionary company.”
“In fact,” he continues, “we are not talking about a sprint, neither are we talking about a marathon. Rather, my journey is a continuous relay race, passing on the baton to an enterprising next generation so that the company will last for a hundred years and beyond.”
To this end he plans, in a concerted effort with all his partners and subsidiaries, to constantly enhance and improve the service standards of all companies under P&N Holdings.
For instance, from 1 November 2008, all PropNex home buyers and sellers will receive free Home Protection Insurance, a first ever effort in the industry. Incidentally, Ismail himself will be hosting a free Public Property Seminar on 1 November 2008 as well.
“I would like to invite all members of the public,” says Mohd Ismail, “to visit our website at www.propnex .com, to register not only for the Seminar, but also for PropNex Privilege Membership. As any enterprising entrepreneur knows, information technology is the way to go.”
Fitting words indeed from the Top Entrepreneur of the Year for eCommerce.
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