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Latest Property Real Estate News - Published on 08/01/2009
Self-esteem is a fragile thing, especially in a climate where retrenchments are on the rise and uncertainty about one’s worth could be called to question. For residents of the Singapore Cheshire Home, leading a normal life is even more challenging than for the rest of us.
In a creative way to bring hope to those at this sanctuary for the seriously disabled, about 20 PropNex associates are raising funds and hand-decorating photo frames.
When they go down today to entertain the Cheshire Home residents with songs, games and other performances, they will present each resident with a personalized and unique photo frame containing the resident’s picture.
“In line with PropNex’s sixth responsibility of giving back to the community,” explains David Cheng, Head of PropNex’s Grandeur Homes department and the organizer of this project, “we regularly approach homes for the less fortunate to see if we can improve the lives of those who need our help.”
The project raised about $7,000 for the Singapore Cheshire Home residents, who will be able to benefit from the funds. However, they are also sure to appreciate the keepsake picture frames.
“Giving them hand-decorated photo frames,” elaborates Mr Cheng, “also allowed our associates to get involved beyond interacting with the residents. It gave them a chance to be creative and present the residents with a more personalized gift from the heart.”
The Singapore Cheshire Home was founded in 1957 with the aim to provide a “home” for the care of the seriously disabled having no or limited means and whose families, if any, are unable to provide adequate care. The Home aims to provide a “home” in the truest practicable sense for the care, rehabilitation, encouragement, stimulation and happiness of its residents and clients, all of whom are seriously disabled adults of both sexes and various races and creeds, and to give them the chance to live as normal lives as possible.
Today the Singapore Cheshire Home runs a Residential Home with a capacity for 67 residents who suffer mainly from muscular dystrophy/atrophy, spastic, cerebral palsy, deformities, spinal/head injuries etc. They receive nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, training in daily living skills, handicraft, computer practices as well as social and recreational activities.

Concurrently it manages a
Day Care Centre for the rehabilitation and care of a daily average of 20 non-residential physically disabled clients. Majority of them suffer from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, head injury, muscular dystrophy etc. The objective is to encourage and enable these physically disabled clients to achieve, through, rehabilitation, their maximum independence so that they may enjoy happier and as near-normal lives as possible within the community. Services provided to the clients include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, training in daily living skills, arts and crafts, creative as well as social and recreational activities. 

The Home also conducts the
Training In Independent Living Programme. It is aimed to provide residential training for potentially suitable disabled clients to acquire sufficient skills to enable them to live independently at home and in the community. The objective is to teach them to overcome or ameliorate their physical handicaps, through remedial therapy and training, to the extent that they can live independently and integrate into the community. While on the programme, the clients (trainees) receive remedial therapy, training in the skills of independent living, basic organisational skills, exposure to normal and routine situations including environment awareness, social and recreational activities as well as training in vocational skills (through referral).
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