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The Highest Residences in the Southern Hemisphere

Melbourne, Australia


The Highest Residences in the Southern Hemisphere right in the heart of world’s most liveable city. This is Melbourne: home to the most fortunate people in the world. With a sophisticated café culture, vibrant arts and sporting calendar, superlative educational institutions and relaxed outdoor lifestyle, Melbourne holds the crown as the most liveable, lovable city on the planet.

World Class Land


Centrally located on Melbourne’s sparkling riverfront, this is the city’s playground. Though just metres from the Central Business District across the water, the mood here is more about pleasure than business – reflecting the city’s commercial lights in the river like dazzling, glamorous jewels.


World Class Land is a leading developer of luxurious residential and commercial property projects in Singapore. With a proven track record developing aspirational projects, most notably Urban Vista and City Gate in Singapore, World Class Land recognised the opportunity to create a masterpiece that would define Melbourne – the world’s most livable city. Developing a landmark, visionary project here allows us to showcase our innovation and drive for quality to an international audience.

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Melbourne, Australia