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5 Years Ambassador

Navin Bafna was recently awarded with the 2017 Champion Commercial/Industrial Property Transactor title due to his immense dedication towards his clients in the commercial real estate segment. The jovial and passionate real estate salesperson shared that the award came at the perfect point of his career after years of hardwork in the industry.

"It is always important to equip oneself with information and knowledge and be adaptable to the changing times. Those are the keys to sustaining a long and successful career. I believe that the real estate industry is a marathon and real winners would only emerge in long run!"

On why PropNex is the perfect home for him, Navin commented, "I love being in PropNex because of the inclusivity and integration amongst all the PropNexians here. Everyone is friendly and forthcoming. In my six years here, I received equal opportunities by the company to perform to the best of my abilities."

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