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June 29, 2022

Blazing the Trail for Every Client and Every PropNexian

Featuring PropNex Meritorious Award Recipient Ken Ng, Advisory Associate Branch District Director, Team Leader, Project Chief and member of the Marketing/ Branding committee of PropNex.

The PropNex Meritorious Award is the highest standard of recognition awarded to an individual for their outstanding leadership and selfless contribution to PropNex, elevating our brand and making us Champions in uncharted territories. In this interview series, we find out more about our outstanding recipients and the things that have shaped their achievement.

Having being in PropNex for more than 11 years, Ken Ng is truly a selfless leader, leading a strong team of over 800 salespersons, while at the same time supporting in project sales, outperforming other Joint Marketing Agencies and emerging as Champions in projects such as The Landmark, Sengkang Grand Residences, Canninghilll Piers.

Ken Ng has made significant contribution in rebranding PropNex with a new modern, trendy feel. He was the brain behind the modern sleek designs for the latest PropNex T-shirt for agents as well as the PropNex Friends T-shirt – both were well-received and highly raved by agents and clients alike. Additionally, he has also designed new trophies for PropNex’ various award.

Besides being a successful team leader, you are known for inspiring others to succeed and for your mentorship. What drives you in your career today?

I always feel proud being a PropNexian, especially when we can see how all our bosses are constantly caring about us as if we were a family. They are constantly fighting and working hard alongside us in order to add value to our clients. Seeing my team grow and witnessing their amazing milestones and achievements also makes me want to continue fighting hard alongside them, and with the whole of PropNex as well!

In your years with PropNex, what is the proudest moment you have had with us?

Wow! There are actually numerous occasions. Thinking back, I will have to say that one of them was when I was selected as one of the five committee members responsible for helping PropNex rebrand. I was part of the team that gave the entire PropNex office a younger, brand new look. Of course, being trusted to design the PropNex t-shirt we currently wear was one of my proudest moments too.

What are your thoughts on clinching the Meritorious Award and what are your plans for 2022?

I’m truly honoured to receive this award. Thank you so much to PropNex for giving me this award and to the management team for placing their trust in me over the years. My plans for 2022 are the same as every other year. I believe that it is important in life to keep on learning, and that is what I will continue to do this year. Besides that, I am also eager to help my team members and leaders grow. Most importantly, I look forward to growing together with PropNex as a whole.

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