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August 03, 2022

My Winning Secret: My Loved Ones, My Team, My Bosses, and My Clients

Featuring PropNex Meritorious Award Recipient Marcus Luah, Senior Advisory Associate Branch District Director.

The PropNex Meritorious Award is the highest standard of recognition awarded to an individual for their outstanding leadership and selfless contribution to PropNex, elevating our brand and making us Champions in uncharted territories. In this interview series, we find out more about our outstanding recipients and the things that have shaped their achievement.

Marcus Luah is well-known for being a young dynamic salesperson leader who utilizes social media such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, reaching out to the masses with creative content and personal branding.

He is a well-respected Team Leader, leading over 3,200 salespersons under his wing. Marcus is also a highly driven Project leader, leading his team to success at projects such as Kopar at Newton, Dairy Farm Residences and Mayfair Gardens, emerging Champions in terms of sales against other Joint Marketing Agencies.

Besides Being A Successful Team Leader, You Are Known For Inspiring Others To Succeed And For Your Mentorship. What Drives You In Your Career Today?

My loved ones, my team, bosses, and my clients continue to drive me to achieve greater things in my career. Because I don’t want to see them lose out, I have to keep making sure that I win.

In Your Years With Propnex, What Is The Proudest Moment You Have Had With Us?

There are so many that it’s hard to single one out. If I think about it, the most memorable moment for me is how our management team responded to the circuit breaker in 2020. While the rest of the real estate industry took these couple of months as an opportunity to rest, our leaders pushed us even harder knowing that each lost day means that the promises we made to our loved ones becomes more far-fetched and harder to achieve.

What Are Your Thoughts On Clinching The Meritorious Award And What Are Your Plans For 2022?

I am thankful for all the opportunities that were given to me ever since I joined PropNex in 2012. Moving forward, I will continue to stretch myself and to create a better version of me.

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