Singapore Property Show 2021

What's Covered in Singapore
Property Show 2021 . SPS2021

The Singapore Property Show is back Bigger than before!

SPS2021 has evolved to be even more comprehensive and entertaining with just 1 goal in mind – a Fun and Enriching Learning experience for all consumers.

What Can You Expect To Learn From This
Singapore Property Show 2021 . SPS2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Join The Singapore Property Show 2021 (SPS2021)?

Participants can register via and you will receive
- program schedule
- zoom links for all the webinars so that you can tune in at anytime of your preference.

2. How long will the SPS2021 last?

The SPS2021 is running over 2 weekends starting from 22nd Sat.
Day 1 - 22nd Sat
Day 2 - 23rd Sun
Day 3 - 29th Sat
Day 4 - 30th Sun

3. Is the SPS2021 conducted in ZOOM?

Yes, it will be conducted online when you can watch at the comfort and convenience of your home.

4. What are the topics going to cover in SPS2021?

We will be catering topics such as Real Estate topics such as Market Outlook, 3 tips for 1st time buyers, checklist on what upgraders or property owners should look out for and also strategies for investors to multiply their portfolio.

There will also be many interesting panelist sharing sessions to share about how to improve the value of your home and how does one kickstart to owning multiple properties

Other topics cover such as Economy, Fengshui, Banking and Finance.

5. Will there be recordings if i missed any of the SPS2021 webinar?

Yes recordings will be available and we will email to you when it is ready