March 13, 2024

PropNex Extends Free Comprehensive Health Screening To All 12,318* Self-Employed Salespersons, Expands Reach to Thailand Market

IMMEDIATE RELEASE (13 March 2024) – PropNex, Singapore's leading real estate agency, has partnered Let’s Get Healthy Pte Ltd (LGH), a social enterprise focused on strengthening community healthcare, and Mirxes, a Singapore-headquartered RNA technology and early cancer detection company, to provide a first-in-the-industry initiative aimed at early detection and at ensuring the long-term health of all PropNex salespersons and staff. This large-scale comprehensive free health screening is part of the Precision Community Screening (PCS) programme conceptualised by LGH, with the screening tests curated and partly sponsored by Mirxes, for a period of five years to all the 12,318* PropNex salespersons and close to 200 full-time staff.

This tripartite partnership reaffirms PropNex’s commitment to the well-being of its real estate salespersons and full-time staff by prioritising early disease detection and ensuring their long-term health. It also aligns with Mirxes’ mission to alleviate disease burden, improve health outcomes and economics, and create a healthier future for all.

PropNex announced this meaningful partnership with LGH and Mirxes at the PropNex Annual Convention on 13 March 2024, graced by Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Precision Community Screening (PCS) 

Recognising the pivotal role of proactive health management, as well as supporting self-employed workers amidst their professional pursuits, PropNex has forged a partnership with Mirxes to introduce the Precision Community Screening (PCS) extensive health screening program.

Complementing the Healthier SG and Screen for Life initiatives, the PCS programme empowers Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, including the self-employed to manage their health proactively, the PCS program is dedicated to achieving early detection of Singapore’s top 3 chronic diseases of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and 5 cancers (colon, stomach, liver, ovarian (female), prostate (male) characterised by high incidence and mortality rates. Designed for those aged 25 to 74, this five-year annual screening programme, PCS serves as a critical precursor to the ambitious Project CADENCE initiative, which is led by Singapore's foremost institutions of higher learning and public health.

“As PropNex continues to grow its salesforce, the company endeavors to empower its staff and salespersons by granting them ease of access to a comprehensive health screening program that addresses critical areas such as diabetes, cholesterol levels, liver and kidney health, as well as cancer risks. This collaboration allows our salespersons 5-year complimentary health screenings and the follow through for each individual. This consists of very extensive 17 tests and 3 imaging tests as well as a full health report and doctor consultation thereafter,” remarked Mr Ismail Gafoor, CEO of PropNex Realty.

“Let’s Get Healthy is happy to partner two established Singapore brands, PropNex and Mirxes, for this PCS pilot programme. LGH may be a small outfit, but our dream is big. We are in talks with other like-minded organisations to offer affordable comprehensive health screenings to a wider population. This will not only improve early disease detection rates in Singapore, but also ensure PCS’ long-term sustainability,” shared Mr Nicholas Poh, Founder of LGH.

"This tripartite partnership reflects our deep commitment to both expanding access to early cancer detection solutions, including our flagship diagnostic test GASTROClear, and giving back to the Singapore community with what we know and do best. We will continue to support PCS as one of our key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives beyond this pilot programme, ” added Dr Zhou Lihan, Co-founder and CEO of Mirxes.

In addition of this announcement, PropNex also announced the official formation of PropNex Thailand during the PropNex Annual Convention at The Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre, witnessed by close to 4,000 salespersons and guests.

Strengthening ASEAN foothold with presence in Thailand

According to Statista data (published by Aaron O'Neill, Nov 30, 2023), in 2021, the total population of all ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) states amounted to an estimated 666.19 million inhabitants. Fueled by the realisation that the ASEAN region's population could significantly contribute to the real estate market with it reaching staggering values of over S$30 trillion[1] by 2024, PropNex embarked on its regional ASEAN expansion in 2016. It first began in Indonesia with offices in Surabaya and Jakarta, growing steadfastly into Batam, Bali, Bandung and other states.

The PropNex Indonesia Master franchises has grown its salesforce to close to 1,331* salespersons and is currently leading the primary market in Indonesia’s real estate industry. The subsequent brand expansion was in 2017, PropNex made its presence into Malaysia, established offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Sabah, Sarawak, and Penang, becoming the third largest agency in Malaysia with a team of 1,300*. Additionally, PropNex extended its reach to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia. In 2023, PropNex Malaysia was recognized with the most number of awards at the MIEA National Real Estate Awards. This expansion reflects PropNex's strategy to leverage its strengths beyond Singapore's borders, tapping into the burgeoning real estate markets across ASEAN countries.

This expansion is in line with the agency’s vision of developing qualified and professional real estate salespersons who have the knowledge and expertise to serve international clients. The sixth regional expansion (excluding Headquarters in Singapore) was propelled by a family of Thailand real estate practitioners - Ms Lynette Ping and Phantila Aon. Both of them are highly experienced and having years of experience in the real estate field in Thailand.

Thailand has indeed grown to be one of the leading choices of property investors today. Bangkok’s property market presents a unique landscape, marked by both challenges and opportunities. Amid Thailand's post-Covid economic stabilization, Bangkok emerges as a promising investment hub, with escalating rental yields, reasonable property prices, and a vibrant cultural landscape. This dynamic blend of economic resilience and cultural richness renders the city highly appealing to foreign investors seeking secure real estate opportunities, including ownership of units in condominium buildings under the country’s Condominium Act.

On why she chose the PropNex Master Franchisee, CEO PropNex Thailand, Lynette Ping shared, “PropNex’s strong brand as the largest agency in Singapore alongside its reputation for professionalism and trusted service makes it the top choice for us. We believe that our Thailand salespersons will be able to benefit greatly from the programmes and activities conducted in Singapore, elevating their careers to the next level.” She also added that the core values of the PropNex management was also one of the strong factors which spurred him to enter the partnership with PropNex Singapore.

There are currently more than 500 salespersons whose main focus is new and resale residential projects at its 7,000 sqft office at Skyy9 Center (554 Thanon Asok - Din Daeng, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand). These salespersons will get the chance to sharpen their skills through the agency’s signature programmes, such as the Salespersons and Leadership Bootcamp conducted in Singapore.

CEO Mr Ismail Gafoor, “We are positive that the Thailand salespersons will scale to great heights in the market and make an impact in the real estate brokerage industry in Thailand in time to come. PropNex looks forward to expand its brand to more countries internationally.”

About PropNex Realty

PropNex Realty meteoric rise to become Singapore's foremost real estate player in an inspiring success story indeed. It has its genesis in 1999 as the brainchild of two visionary companies, Prulink and Nooris. With a shared vision of providing top quality service that customers trust, the company was founded and formed by Mohamed Ismail Gafoor and partners in 2000. This allowed them to benefit from the economies of scale that consumers could also enjoy as a result.

Building on its founding principles, PropNex Realty quickly gained a reputation for service excellence, eventually adopting the tagline “Service You Trust” in 2008, to best encapsulate the essence of the brand name. This belief in service has propelled the brand to become one of Singapore’s largest real estate companies with a sizeable market share in both the public and private markets.

The agency has constantly led the way in raising professional standards in the real estate industry and has won many prestigious industry accolades over the years, being the only real estate agency in Singapore to be awarded both the Singapore Service Class (S-Class) and Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certifications by SPRING Singapore in year 2015. The S-Class and SQC Certifications are part of the Business Excellence (BE) framework by SPRING Singapore that provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence.


About Mirxes

Mirxes is a leading RNA technology company that is making cancer early detection solutions accessible on a global scale. Leading the global fight against cancer, our flagship initiative, Project CADENCE (Cancer Detected Early caN be CurEd), leverages our industry-leading RNA technology platform, deep expertise in PCR diagnostics, and population-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities to create a blood-based multi-cancer early detection test to alleviate cancer burden, save lives and reduce healthcare costs. Founded in 2014, Mirxes is a high growth company, headquartered in Singapore, producing diagnostic test kits for early disease detection globally and delivering research and clinical testing services for preventive healthcare and precision medicine to key markets in Asia and beyond.

For more information, visit https://mirxes.com/ 

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