Why Attend PWS?

As the living cost continues driving upward, how long can we actually sustain the living standards and yet plan for a fulfilling retirement?


News of inflation, recession, rising interest rates and war are being reported on a daily basis, is there a way we can mitigate these economical disruptions and still be able to live out our dream lifestyle or have enough for retirement?

During an economic crisis , investments such as stocks and cryptocurrency take a plunge, with some even diminishing to points of no return . Some of you probably got yourself dragged in this downward spiral.


What remains resilient through these tumultuous times has been the property market . In fact, after enjoying a booming 2021, the property market continued its steam into 2022 with prices of the private property market jumping 3.2% in the second quarter of 2022. 

People often have misconceptions about property investment, thinking that it is out of reach and for the rich. That is the biggest stumbling block when you are trying to take the first step and you are not alone. But what many don’t realise is that if you break it down to the fundamentals, the process is actually easy and it is so learnable. 


We’ve curated an exclusive Masterclass to empower people on how you can take the prudent steps to grow your property portfolio. It is based on a framework called the Property Wealth System , created by our Chief Mentor, Mr Kelvin Fong who has close to 20 years of property investment experience.


Of course, Kelvin did make mistakes along the way but it is through these mistakes and all his successes that he can take you on a holistic learning journey to securing your future & realising your life goals.

The one & only opportunity where the greatest minds in real estate are all present at ONE EVENT


Get all the answers to your burning questions from the experts.

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